19 min





Grenzlandfilmtage Selb, Aš, Regensburg | 14.-16. April 2023

Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg | 19. + 23. March 2023
Filmtage Friedrichshafen | 04. March 2023

28. Filmschau BW, Stuttgart | 10. Dec. 2022




The chief postwoman Chef has to retrieve a wrongly delivered package from the old Mrs. Liebermann. But the lonely lady is more cunning than she seems and has a plan of her own. Will Chef succeed in jumping over her shadow to get the valuable package back?



CHEF  Tini Prüfert

MRS LIEBERMANN  Dorothea Neukirchen

LUKÁŠ  Laurenz Lerch


screenplay: Annchristin Valerie Boehm, Vera M. Schmidt

director: Vera M. Schmidt

1. AD: Maja Bresink, Rodrigo Valverde

producer: Jonathan M. Schneider

DoP: Terry Kraatz

Editor: Myrthe Rehbein

Scenography: Juci Juhász

costume design: Samira Brückel

make up: Selina Wriessnegger, Bianca Sanchez Rubio

casting: Laura Buschhagen

sound on set: Max von Dadelsen, Samuel Albert

sounddesign: Clemens Gutjahr

music: Clemens Gutjahr

colorist: Julius Boehm

motion design: Nicolas Schneider


Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg 2022



stills © Terry Kraatz, Film Academy BW


5 min

experimental, analogue




Twenty-year-old El tries to make sense of masculinities. His struggling will be expressed in a dance.



Protagonist: Shaked Heller

Voice over artist: Dimitri Abold

Directed + written by: Leve Kuehl, Vera M. Schmidt, Marie Scholjegerdes

Director of photography: Marie Scholjegerdes

Screenplay advisor: Annchristin Valerie Boehm

Music: Peter Albrecht

Drums: Christian Scheible

Dialog + foley editor: Clemens Gutjahr

Colorist: Benedict Uphoff

Visual effect artist: Philipp Doerrer

Motion Design: Fee Fuchs


Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg 2023


stills © Marie Scholjegerdes, Film Academy BW


9 min





Günne, an amateur soccer player, can't shower in front of others and waits until everyone is out of the dressing room. Today, aikido beginner Jannis thwarts his routine. An encounter of two very different people who find common ground through their insecurities.



GUENNE  Hassan Lazouane

JANNIS  Daniel Friedl

VOICES  Benedikt Paulun


Director and screenplay: Vera M. Schmidt, Paula Meier

DoP: Anian Krone, Amina Krami

Soundtrack: Clemens Gutjahr

Colorist: Anian Krone


Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg 2021


stills © Film Academy BW

we all live in

5 min





Arne's world looks different. His boss sees problems about that. The collegue tries to find a way dealing with it. And in the end all of them are living in their own little world somehow.



ARNE  Jannik Muehlenweg

COLLEGUE  Simon Mazouri

CHEF  Jürgen Lingmann


Director + writer: Vera M. Schmidt

Audio: Clemens Gutjahr

DoP: Tilo Schmidt, Vera M. Schmidt

Assistant: Saskia Kreutter

Editor: Vera M. Schmidt




7 min





Reni should be too old to live at home with her mum. In a live with addiction and few words.

One day Qais, who's new in the village, asks here for the way.

She has never learned to make towards somebody and now tries to get in touch with him her way.



RENI  Franziska Maria Poessl

MOTHER  Esther Keil

QAIS  Raafat Daboul


Director + writer: Vera M. Schmidt

Sound: Clemens Gutjahr

DoP: Ben Nowarra, Vera M. Schmidt

Makeup Designer: Melanie Mueller

Assistant: Martina Schroeder, Marco Bayer

Editor: Vera M. Schmidt



fortune cookies

15 min





Two evidently different people have one thing in common:

They both order their lunch at Dragon-Asia-Takeaway.

Until - it may be fortune, coincidence or simply a question of luck - they reunite on a further common ground...



CAST  Paul Steinbach,

Vera Maria Schmidt, Marireau Muehlen, Philipp Sommer, Henning Kallweit, Ronny + Lea Tomiska


Director + writer: Vera M. Schmidt

Sound + music: Clemens Gutjahr

DoP: Ben Nowarra

Musicians: Dennis Janson, Bastian Vogel

Assistants: Florian Frenster, Martina Schroeder, Marco Bayer

Editors: Vera M. Schmidt, Ben Nowarra